• The missing connection with the Internet interrupts the location data sending. Therefore, it is recommendable the use of mobile connections which have more amplitude, during movements out of the areas with Wi- Fi network cover.
  • The use of the GPS in the cell phone implies a bigger energy waist when it is activated. This app has an algorithm that provides the maximum of energy saving in relation to similar others. Even so, you can set your app in a way it transmits your location data in bigger time gaps, decreasing the time of use of the GPS and consequently the energy waist. To do that, access the setting menu of the app and set it according to the time gap you prefer.
  • Always maintain your app updated.
  • In indoor environments as shopping malls, supermarkets, theaters, at home and similar, the location of the GPS may vary or be presented incorrectly. Be aware of this detail when you launch the app in these places.
  • The Phone Tracker  app uses process in background in its monitoring tasks. In case you have installed in your cell phone any app that changes the behavior of processes in background, it may also change the processes of the Phone Tracker  interfering in its correct working.
  • It is recommended working tests in the app before real use, under the purpose of verifying its correct working and compatibility with the cell phone in which it was installed.
  • The precision of the location and the information sending to the server of the app, depend also on the precision of the GPS device used by the cell phone and the connection with the Internet.


Electronic Fence Mode:

  • Prefer bigger distances when the monitored cell phone is in indoor environments as shopping malls, supermarkets, theaters, at home and similar others. In these places, the GPS location may vary or be presented incorrectly in some moments. This is valid for rainy or cloudy days too.
  • Smaller distances are recommended for days with good weather conditions or the outdoor monitoring.
  • In case the app generates false displacements alerts, try to increase the minimum distance of displacement.
  • If the Electronic Fence is no longer needed, it is extremely recommended that it is activated the button  - Deactivate Electronic Fence - to avoid the unnecessary waist of the cell phone resources.


Mode Have You Arrived?:

  • The mode Have you arrived? stablishes a round perimeter of 500 meters in the place of the map chosen by you, what serves as a base to activate an alarm in case the app detects that the monitored cell phone got in this place.
  • You can use this mode to find out when the tracked cell phone arrives at a particular location chosen by you.
  • Do not forget to turn it off when it is no longer in use to avoid unnecessary consumption of phone resources.


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